Frequently asked questions

What services does Bella Fiume offer?

Bella Fiume offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services including property sales, rentals, and property management. Our property management services include guest vetting, availability management, property maintenance and repairs, regular property inspections, financial reporting, and legal assistance.

How can I start to work with Bella Fiume?

Getting started with Bella Fiume is easy! Simply reach out to us via our contact form, email, or phone call. We’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and how our services can best support your goals.

What is the difference between property sale, rent, and management?

Property sale involves marketing and selling your property to potential buyers. Renting involves leasing your property for short-term stays, which can provide a steady income. Property management encompasses a range of services designed to take care of all aspects of managing a rental property, including guest vetting, maintaining the property, managing bookings, and handling all legal and financial aspects.

What is guest vetting and why is it important?

Guest vetting is the process of verifying the identities and assessing the reliability of potential guests. This process is important to ensure that your property is entrusted to respectful and responsible guests, providing you with peace of mind.

What does availability management involve?

Availability management involves managing your property’s booking calendar to maximize your rental income. We optimize bookings and coordinate check-in and check-out times to ensure a seamless guest experience.

What are the benefits of your property inspections?

Our regular property inspections guarantee that your property is well-maintained and adheres to quality standards. These inspections help identify any signs of damage or wear and tear early on, allowing for prompt repairs and ensuring a top-tier experience for all guests.

How does Bella Fiume handle financial reporting?

Bella Fiume provides comprehensive financial reporting, giving you clear, detailed insights into your property’s performance and income. We track income, expenses, and any other financial aspects related to your property and provide regular, comprehensive reports.

What does legal assistance entail?

Our legal assistance service helps you navigate the complexities of rental law. We offer expert guidance on compliance with all legal requirements, contracts, and handle dispute resolution, ensuring your rental operation is legally sound and secure.

How does Bella Fiume ensure the maintenance of my property?

We coordinate and oversee all maintenance and repair work, from routine upkeep tasks to urgent issues that require immediate attention. We work with a network of trusted professionals to ensure that your property remains in pristine condition for every guest.